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Frequently Asked Questions!

Read some of the most frequently asked questions regarding SolarTech solutions and its residential and commercial work in Malta and Gozo. Please do contact us if you query is not answered below or should you require any further information.

Why choose SolarTech?

The company’s drive for success together with the vast experience accumulated by Johnson Window Films, Inc. (USA) has confirmed SolarTech as the trendsetter in the local market.

Will window film stop fading?

No window film can completely eliminate fading. It does, however, offer maximum protection from fading due to solar ultra-violet light and solar heat.

Ultra-violet light, visible light, and heat are all significant contributors to fading. The most effective installation dramatically reduces all three of these elements.

How do I clean my windows after film is applied?

All films installed by SolarTech have a scratch resistant coating which virtual eliminates the need for special precautions in cleaning.

A soft clean cloth or paper towel with any non-abrasive window cleaner is recommended.

How long will the films installed by SolarTech last?

SolarTech internal variant films have an expected lifetime of about 20 years.

On the other hand, SolarTech external variant films have an expected lifetime of between 10 to 12 years.

What are the benefits of solar films?

1. Reduce risk of Melanoma in circumstances where employees are exposed to strong sunlight at long intervals.

2. Furniture and fittings will no longer fade and crack.

3. Reduction in the cost of cooling the rooms due to less heat entering rooms.

4. Annoying glare is reduced drastically.

5. Frosted, patterned and textured window films provide privacy with a touch of elegance.

6. Protect yourself from the broken glass with SolarTech safety and security window films.

Is there a warranty period?

SolarTech internal variant films carry a 10-year guarantee, while SolarTech external variant films are guaranteed for 2 years.