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Trident 7 mil. Protective Polymeric Glass Coatings

Trident protective films offer increased levels of safety and peace of mind. Made with custom acrylic bonding technology, these extra thick films are anchored directly to the glass surface providing long-term protection by rigorously holding the glass in place if broken. This "safety net" barrier greatly reduces the chance of injury from dangerous glass shards and protects window treatments and furnishings from costly property damage. Our Trident film series offers you a choice of protection levels which safeguard glass from threats ranging from environmental effects to terrorist acts.

Security Specifications & Tests

Finish: Optically Clear
Internal: YES
External: NO
Vision: Both Directions
Security Film: YES
Time to Ignite: 205 sec.
ASTM D882 Tensile at Break: 175 pli
ASTN D3330 Peel Strength: >5lbs/in
ASTM D2582 AVG Puncture Strenght: >110 lbs
ASTM D1044% Haze Change: <4.4%

Solar Specifications

UV block
Ene. Rejection

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